Where cancer-causing agents lurk

By Nancy White

First off, Devra Davis won’t do the interview on her cellphone.

Call me back on the land line, she instructs. It’s not the money she’s concerned about. It’s the microwaves.

She’s also concerned about drinking diet pop, wearing a lot of cosmetics and eating non-organic red meat.

make no mistake: she’s not some trendy health-scare type. She’s a
blue-chip cancer epidemiologist, director of the Center for
Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
with a Grade A scientific pedigree: a PhD from the University of
Chicago, a decade at the National Academy of Sciences, an author of
more than 170 published articles.

And she’s worried about her environmental exposure to cancer.

has to start where they’re comfortable, taking control of their own
homes,” says Davis, who will be the keynote speaker at Women’s College
Hospital’s health forum Friday. “Then they have to make sure they vote
for politicians who understand the importance of this issue.”

This issue is how we’ve let modern life, from the air we breathe to the products we use, poison our bodies.

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