The Road to Victory

Dear Green Party Supporter:

Over the course of the last two years, the we have consistently referred to the 2011 provincial election as what will be our most strategic and significant effort to date.  Every political activity we have undertaken in partnership with you has been with this fundamental goal in mind.  Now, with the election finally underway, the time has come for a final push.  Your support over the next 27 days – both financially and by volunteering – is unequivocally essential.

2011 Membership GrowthWe have proved that we can stand as a political force in Ontario.  Through the causes we have championed, such as opposing the construction of a gas powered peaker plant on pristine environmental wetlands, the proposed mega-quarry on prime farmland (a giant hole in the ground roughly the size of 1/3 of Toronto), unfairly changing the microFIT rules, or the unaffordable expansion of the Darlington nuclear power plants, thousands of Ontarians have become engaged in the political process and supported our efforts.

On a political level, our efforts are paying off.  We placed third in two of the last five by-elections and within 30 votes in a third contest.  Since the beginning of the year, our membership has grown by nearly 100%, and will reach a historic high before the campaign is over.  Most significantly, we made history on May 2nd with the election of Elizabeth May as our first Green MP.

The progress we have made to date is due to your unwavering financial and volunteer support.  For this, we are most grateful.  With that said, to make a lasting impact and secure our vision for our children and grandchildren, we need to elect our first Green MPPs to Queen’s Park on October 6th.

Since becoming Canada’s first Green MP, Elizabeth May has stood up for Canadians in Parliament on issues the other parties won’t discuss.  If we want our voice to be heard at Queen’s Park, the only way is by electing Green MPPs on October 6th.  Never has the Green Party message been more relevant to Ontarians than it is today, and we need our politicians at Queen’s Park to catch up.  We need Green MPPs in the Legislature!

GPO Annual BudgetsThroughout the campaign, Ontarians will continue to have opportunities to hear and see our message for the first time.  A series of radio ads have been produced and are being strategically released between now and Election Day.  Additionally, our first-ever television commercials are almost ready!  These initiatives will greatly increase our reach to the nine million voters in our great province.

Our most ambitious campaign to date is the result of a significant investment of our collective time, energy and money.  2011 is our most vigorous year ever, with a budget of $400,000.  Fortunately, we have been very good stewards of the financial contributions we receive, and our consistent savings since 2007 mean that we have started this year with a small campaign fund.  Additionally, because of your support, we have met our fundraising targets to date in 2011.  We’re doing well, but to put us over the top in the coming weeks, we need everyone to do their part.

You are a key building block on our path to Election Day.  Together, we can elect the first Green MPPs to Queen’s Park.  Please give whatever you can to ensure the success of both our provincial campaign and our 107 candidates. You can also donate over the phone at 888-647-3366. 
Once again, thank you for your support of our party during this critical election.

Yours sincerely,
Craig Cantin, Deputy Executive Director
Craig Cantin
Deputy Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario