Protect Our Water

We need to put water for communities first.

We are blessed in Ontario with lots of fresh water -- over 250,000 lakes, rivers and streams. Our province borders on four Great Lakes. We have rich groundwater resources.

But industrial activities that dig below our water table threaten the quantity and quality of our water. Consumptive water bottling for export will compete with drinking water as our population grows and climate change causes more droughts. 

“Water is a finite resource essential to our health, environment and economy - and the province is failing to protect it.”

 - Mike Schreiner, GPO Leader.

The provincial government has a responsibility to sustainably manage our water—balancing competing demands. But the top priority must be water for communities and local food. 

Ontario’s water taking rules are broken. The priorities are backward. They let big industries threaten our water.

We must fix the water taking rules. Your voice will make a difference. 

It is our responsibility to protect Ontario’s water for today, and for our children’s grandchildren.

Please take a minute to send the Minister a letter to protect our water

Find out more about what the Green Party of Ontario has been doing to help protect our precious water: