Schreiner Calls for Samsung Deal to Be Scrapped


Green Party of Ontario (GPO) leader Mike Schreiner today called on the McGuinty Liberals to scrap their backroom deal with Samsung and instead create a fair, transparent and level playing field for all green energy producers in Ontario.

In the wake of the announcement that Samsung Corp. will receive preferential treatment in the province, Schreiner has heard from Ontario-based green energy companies, power co-operatives, First Nations groups and farmers who have all spoken out against the scheme because it creates an uneven playing field and threatens investment in homegrown green energy projects.


“The single biggest complaint from Ontario’s green energy companies is that there has been a wholly inconsistent approach by the McGuinty Liberals on green energy for years. The backroom deal that gives Samsung an unfair advantage over local companies is proof the Liberals have no clue how to foster homegrown green jobs.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

"I support a fair, transparent and level playing field for all green energy companies. We need a government that champions local green energy projects and the thousands of Ontario jobs that come with them, not backroom deals that slam the door on Ontario businesses.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO


• The Samsung deal allows for privileged access to the electricity grid for the company, crowding out Ontario-based green energy producers.
• Under the deal Samsung receives preferential rates, a subsidy not available to other green energy companies.
• Green business leaders have already publically expressed concerns about the uncertainty the Samsung deal creates for the green energy sector in Ontario.