Environmental Commissioner To Investigate MicroFIT

The movement to halt cuts to the MicroFIT solar energy program got a boost today from Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, who is insisting that the Government disclose in full its financial justification for the move.

In a surprise move over the July long weekend, the Government cut the price paid for ground mounted solar projects from $0.80 per kilowatt hour to $0.58, a 27% reduction.

The Ontario Power Authority says that it will take comments on the proposed changes until August the 3rd, but Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller says “you can’t have effective consultations if all the facts are not being released.” Using the powers of investigation given to him by the Environmental Bill of Rights, the ECO requested on July 16th that the OPA fully disclose the financial assumptions and methodology it used to calculate the new lower price. “So far,” says Miller, “I have not received a response".