Action Campaigns

Action Campaigns

The economic impact of climate change in Canada is estimated to be over $5 billion by 2020 and $43 billion by 2050. Insurance claims for extreme weather events cost Canadians over $3.2 billion in 2013. Ontario is not on track to reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets, according to Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.

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No nuclear project in Ontario’s history has delivered on time or on budget. And no private company will insure a nuclear station because the risks are too high. Why is the Ontario government spending billions to re-build Darlington when lower cost, lower risk water power from Quebec is available?

I need your help to stop this madness.

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Small businesses and entrepreneurs are essential to building diversified, resilient local economies that generate sustainable jobs and prosperity. The Ontario government can help entrepreneurs continue to create jobs and grow their business by lowering payroll taxes on employees.

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Why should you care that a ketchup plant has closed in Leamington?

Because you care about local food, farms, and economies. 

I grew up on a farm. I know firsthand that farms are only part of a system that turns tomatoes into ketchup and potatoes into fries. 

Local sustainable food systems need local food processing facilities. 

Enbridge’s plans for Line 9 is bad for our environment and our economy. They plan to repurpose and reverse the flow of Line 9, which will ship diluted bitumen (‘dilbit”) through over one hundred communities, under every major river system in Southern Ontario.

Please take a minute to send the Premier a letter today, asking her to say no to re-purposing Line 9.

Strong environmental legislation in Ontario is critical to our economy. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources own report, our goods and services in southern Ontario alone are estimated to be worth over $84 billion a year. Over the last year, the Ministry of Natural Resources has attacked the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by proposing changes to the legislation that will weaken North America’s best endangered species protection act. 

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We need food and water to survive. We also need gravel and other aggregates for buildings and infrastructure. As demand for finite land and resources increases, these competing interests are increasingly in conflict.


On Friday, the proposed Darlington Nuclear refurbishment passed the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission review. This opens the gate for the government to spend billions on more nuclear. This is the wrong move for our environment. This is the wrong move financially.

Please take a moment to send a message to Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli to tell him that that nuclear is the wrong move. 

Wolf Lake is home to the largest old-growth red pine forest in the world. Located in the Temagami canoe area, Wolf Lake Forest Reserve is part of an endangered ecosystem that is estimated to be only 1.2% of its former size. This diverse ecosystem deserves permanent protection - protection that was promised 13 years ago but not delivered- by making the area an official Ontario Provincial Park.

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About 15 to 20 cyclists are killed on Ontario roads every year, but the tragic death of Jenna Morrison in Toronto on November 7th was particularly poignant.

Please sign our petition to show your support for mandatory side guards on Ontario’s trucks.  Every time we reach 500 signatures, we will print and deliver the petition with those signatures to the new Minister of Transportation, Bob Chiarelli.