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Valerie Powell, your Green Party of Ontario candidate in the upcoming by-election, has a background in both the arts and health and is an active member of the Simcoe North community. She is committed to green values and policies and believes strongly that healthy lives are grounded in a clean environment and a green economy. Born in England, Valerie group in Toronto and Orillia.  She was accepted into the Ontario College of Art at 17, married Jamie Powell at 19, and moved back to Simcoe County to an old Medonte schoolhouse. Valerie taught weaving and opened the Children’s General Store in Orillia while raising two children, Gray and Elizabeth. Listeners to CBC Radio “Ontario Morning” will recognize her voice from many years as their Huronia correspondent. The Powells moved to Guelph in the 90s where Valerie completed an Honours BA in Fine Arts and a MSc in Gerontology Research, returning to Medonte in the late 1990s. After 10 years as a psychogeriatric consultant in Simcoe County, Valerie became coordinator of the Behavioural Support System in North Simcoe Muskoka, supporting older adults with challenging behaviours. She has worked with the Dementia and Elder Abuse Networks to improve the health care system. An energetic and passionate leader, Valerie is a dedicated volunteer and community builder and an ardent supporter of the arts. She was a practicing artist and arts reviewer for CBC radio, has served on the Board of a Transitional House for Women and volunteers for the Mariposa Folk Festival. She was a member of the Severn Sound Sustainability Advisory Team and the Simcoe County Zero Waste Coalition. Valerie is an energetic community activist, gardener, decorator and sports enthusiast. Recently retired, she supports a husband recovering from a stroke and a 91 year old mother and brings the voice of an aging society to community organizations. Valerie has run twice in Simcoe North for the Green Party of Canada, and in 2008 earned 11% of the vote and stepped in to maintain the green profile in the 2015 Ontario bi-election . Valerie agrees with GPO leader Mike Schreiner: a Green voice at Queen’s Park will help ensure honesty, integrity, and good public policy in Ontario.

Candidate for Simcoe North
Shadow Cabinet Member for Seniors' Affairs

Valerie Powell