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Temara is driven by her ever-increasing understanding of the urgent need to elect politicians who truly understand that a prosperous economy and a healthy, happy life are intrinsically linked to a healthy environment. She is the GPO’s Shadow Cabinet member for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). 

Temara is the Executive Director of a community environmental not-for-profit. She is also involved with and holds leadership positions in multiple other non-governmental environmental organizations.

Temara attended university to study environmental science, physics and photography. While a student, the university awarded her the top honour bestowed upon any student for her involvement and contributions to the surrounding community. She also owned and operated her own small business while remaining continuously engaged in community advocacy.

In 2010, Temara and her family were shocked to be notified of a nearby development proposal that threatened their health, environment, and the liveability of their community. When the municipality abdicated their duty to defend the interests of her township, Temara organized and lead their non-profit’s appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). When the OMB ruled to prohibit testimony from the organization’s key scientific health expert, the group challenged the OMB adjudicator for bias and argued it to be set up for a SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation). The same adjudicator challenged for bias decided to lay the largest cost award the OMB has ever delivered, upon Brown’s community organization. Not easily deterred, Temara’s personal experience with Ontario’s land use planning process has only strengthened her resolve to be part of the solution in seeking the protection of environmental and public health.

Temara’s priorities include: taking real action on climate change; ending corporate and union donations to political parties; healthy, prosperous, liveable communities; accountable governance; strong, evidence-based enforcement of environmental policies; adequately funding the MOECC and MNRF; overhauling or abolishing the Ontario Municipal Board; protecting and enhancing public participation in decision-making; and justice for non-human animals.

Temara believes no one should suffer at the hands of politicians who fail their citizenry by prioritizing partisan interests over good public policy. She recognizes it is essential to actively work towards a better future, devoting her considerable research, policy and community organizing experience to the Green Party, well aware that it is the only party advocating the common good with honesty and integrity.

Shadow Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change

Temara Brown