Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week is an initiative created to encourage a more open dialogue about mental illness and addiction in our country. That’s why the Canadian Mental Health Association is asking people to #GETLOUD this week and start speaking about mental health awareness. 

Although public understanding of mental illnesses has grown, many of those suffering continue to be met with discrimination and stigma. As a result, they often struggle to seek help or share their stories openly. 

National Day of Mourning

Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, issued the following statement on the 25th National Day of Mourning:

Today, April 28 is the National Day of Mourning, a day to remember and honour those workers who have lost their lives or been injured on the job.

Close to 1,000 Canadians lose their lives at work each year. Over 200 of those workplace fatalities occur here in Ontario. Many more are injured on the job.