Ontario Needs a Green Building Program

It’s time for a comprehensive Green Building Program in Ontario. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing demand is the most financially responsible and effective approach to planning for Ontario’s energy future. With the government already announcing increases in hydro rates and a number of economists predicting rising prices for fossil fuels, it is clear that the era of cheap energy is coming to an end. The time to plan is now. A Green Building Program will reduce demand for two of the three largest areas of energy use: home heating fuels and electricity.

It’s Time for a Zero Waste Strategy in Ontario

The Liberal government’s failure to provide leadership on the issue of waste diversion has put our communities in a difficult position. Without a vision for waste diversion in Ontario, our municipalities do not have all the tools they need to fully tackle this pressing problem. Ontario can do better.

Media coverage this week on the failure of the province’s electronic waste program and an anti-incineration rally at Queen’s Park organized by residents of Durham have highlighted what a pressing issue this is for Ontario.