Looks Like a Flood Plain

If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it might be a duck and this duck might live in a flood plain. It sure is quacky!!How many times has it been said the proposed gas fired peaker plant is NOT on a flood plain? Well, the people of King Township know that particular site is a flood plain that regularly floods. In fact, according to the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and the Ministry of Natural Resources, the chosen site for the gas fired peaker plant is under the constraints of the PPS because it is a flood plain.

What is the REAL cost of MicroFIT

The cost to meet the government's MicroFIT feed-in tariff commitment for the 10,000 existing projects is less than 1% of HydroOne's annual cost. Is that too much to pay to maintain investor confidence in the future of community solar energy in Ontario...especially in comparison with the government's $7 billion backroom deal offered to corporate giant Samsung?