Painting the province green

I’m Andrew, your new provincial organizer.

I spend my time getting us ready for next year’s election.

Day in and day out, I am connecting with Greens across the province.  I want to ensure we have the best candidates ever; people who Ontarians will be proud to call their representative at Queen’s Park.

We have riding associations across the province and we are building our ground game everywhere.  As your organizer, I am thrilled with the progress we have made in a few short months.

Building for breakthrough in election 2018

The Green Party of Ontario gathered for their Annual General Meeting this weekend to celebrate the election of Greens in BC and to build momentum for 2018.
Hundreds of enthusiastic GPO members agreed to stand with leader Mike Schreiner’s call for a new way of doing politics in Ontario. 
“Stand with me to support small businesses to create good jobs,” said Schreiner, to cheers from delegates. “Stand with me to lower electricity prices with a more efficient energy system. Stand with me to address climate and community concerns in ways that put people first.”

GPO Leaders Tour Recap: Paris, Brant, Kitchener-Waterloo

We all know that Ontario needs real political change. The GPO Leader’s Tour is designed so we can listen to your thoughts and uncover the issues you are passionate about. This way Greens can drive the kind of political change in Ontario that truly matters to you.

See highlights from the latest leg of the GPO Leader’s Tour below.