Real People, Real Solutions - Life Co-op

Real People, Real Solutions is a series of interviews with people who are making a difference in communities across Ontario. Hosted by GPO leader Mike Schreiner.

“In the next few decades, I think we’re going to change from the large facility, nuclear-based grid, to a much more distributed energy system in which homeowners and businesses all over the province are going to make their own electricity and use it locally.” - Shane Mulligan

One can only hope. In this episode, Mike talks to Shane Mulligan, General Manager of Life Co-op, a renewable energy co-operative in Kitchener, ON that seeks out new opportunities for community-owned renewable energy.

About Life Co-op
LIFE Co-op is a renewable energy co-operative with its headquarters in Kitchener, ON. Established in 2006, the co-op is now over 440 members, who seek out new opportunities for community-owned renewable energy.

About Shane Mulligan
Shane has been working with the Co-op since 2010. Shane's work at LIFE has included development work on the St. Agatha Wind Project, and subsequently on the development of LIFE’s solar initiatives under FIT 2 and FIT 4. As GM Shane oversees everything from landowner relations to project development and financing. Shane studied and taught about environmental politics and energy for a number of years before joining the co-op and beginning to work on what he thought would be more tangible projects. He lives in Kitchener with his wife and two children, and a number of four-legged family and friends.