Real People, Real Solutions - s2e Technologies

Real People, Real Solutions is a series of interviews with people who are making a difference in communities across Ontario. Hosted by GPO leader Mike Schreiner. 

Solar Energy is one of the most attractive renewable energy resources available today, and we should encourage adoption and innovation in this field as much as we can. In this episode, Mike talks to Derek Satnik, VP of Technology at s2e and former president of SolarCity Cooperative. s2e builds smart, net-zero communities that are self-sustaining, provide their own energy, water, and resources; as well large scale energy projects that help provide energy to those communities.

About Derek Satnik
Vice President of Technology of s2e Technologies

Derek has worked on various versions of ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ construction totalling nearly 40 million square feet, and over 85,000 kW of renewable energy systems. He is a respected leader in Ontario and Canada’s green building and green energy sectors, having earned 15+ awards since 2007, and leading projects that have earned many more. He has made significant contributions to most of Canada’s leading green building programs including ENERGY STAR®, BUILT GREEN®, LEED®, Solar Ready, Net-Zero, and related codes and legislation.

About S2E
s2e Technologies, is  focused on creating a positive change for clients, communities and the environment. They have the most extensive and detailed experience in the development of renewable energy through photovoltaic projects. They also focus on building smart communities - the s2e vision is to demonstrate through proven technology that desirable sustainable communities can be built, while providing more value at a lower life-cycle cost. Areas of focus include on-site renewable energy generation, energy storage, water management, transportation, food and lifestyle.