Mike Schreiner Tours Wind Simplicity, Calls On Province To Support Local Green Jobs

Green Party of Ontario (GPO) Leader Mike Schreiner toured Wind Simplicity, a wind turbine manufacturing facility in Elmira today and called on the McGuinty Liberals to support local green manufacturers. Schreiner reinforced the GPO’s commitment to building a prosperous green economy by calling for a Green Building Program that would provide an investment fund for home owners, businesses and municipalities to make buildings more efficient, create jobs and reduce our dependence on coal, oil and nuclear energy.

Schreiner also recommitted the GPO to supporting community power projects that make it possible for all Ontarians to become green energy entrepreneurs, earning income by putting clean, green power onto the grid.

“Wind Simplicity is the perfect example of the type of local manufacturers that are going to foster a Green economy and build long term prosperity in this province by creating the jobs of the 21st century today.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“Wind Simplicity’s multi-award winning wind turbine, the Windancer, is a locally manufactured product that will help Ontario businesses and homeowners save money. The GPO supports community power projects that make it possible for these investors to earn income by putting generated energy into the grid. Unlike the current Liberal government, the Green Party will not cut backroom deals with large multinational corporations that limit Ontarian's access to the grid.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“Most other wind turbines are based on 30-year-old technology and it was very clear to us that it was time for a change - that’s what inspired us to create the Windancer. The Windancer is a national and international multi-award winner, and we believe that this technology will facilitate the revival of Ontario’s manufacturing sector.” – Sharolyn Vettesse, CEO and Inventor, Wind Simplicity Inc.

• The Windancer generates electricity from a renewable source, the wind, improving the quality of our air, land and water.
• Lightweight, portable, vibration-free, safe, low maintenance/easily installed and durable, the Windancer is also visible birds or bats and works fearlessly in Canadian winter conditions.
• The high-efficiency, compact, noise-free Windancer is more efficient than other wind turbines and able to meet more electricity needs.

Mariana Di Rezze