Greens Call for Reforms in Public Appointments

It’s time for a fresh approach at Queen’s Park. An approach that is fair, transparent and consistent.This week’s controversy surrounding the reappointments of Ombudsman André Marin and Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller highlight a disturbing trend toward ad hoc, short-term, closed door decision making by the McGuinty Liberals.

Why has the government waited until the last minute to announce that Marin and Miller will not be reappointed? Is it to silence two public servants who are doing their jobs holding the government to account?

Giving voice to citizen complaints, André Marin has forced the government to be accountable on a host of issues ranging from insider lottery wins to the availability of cancer drugs. Gord Miller has produced a number of critically important and informative reports on environmental issues, and he had the courage to expose the McGuinty government’s absolute lack of a plan on greenhouse gas emissions. Taking a page out of Stephen Harper’s playbook, McGuinty’s apparent response is to silence the critics for a job well done.

Greens are consistently opposed to anti-democratic abuses of power that undermine public trust whether it is untendered contracts at eHealth, unfair backroom deals with multinational corporations like Samsung or the ad hoc silencing of government watchdogs.

The Green Party of Ontario strongly believes governments need to be accountable to the electorate. The appointment of public servants should be through a competitive process that is fair, transparent and consistent.

It’s time for the government to stop playing politics and to develop such a process well before the need for reappointment. It’s time for Greens to bring a fresh perspective to Queen’s Park.