Let Greens Speak

I believe the Green Party of Ontario makes an important contribution to political debate in Ontario. In the 2007 Ontario general election, over 350,000 Ontarians agreed by voting Green. The GPO has momentum with strong showings in by-elections last week.

Yet the political will of so many Ontarians is being stifled. The Green Party learned late last week that we will be denied access to the media scrum area of Queen’s Park. There will also be no space for the GPO leader during the Throne Speech later today.

The stated reason for this is that the GPO does not have a sitting MPP. I can understand why the old-line parties at Queen's Park want to protect their turf from the fresh ideas and sensible solutions the Green Party offers. Yet this is undemocratic. The political voice for hundreds of thousands of Ontarians should not be shut out of the halls of power.

Ontarians have a right to hear about our plan for a prosperous green economy that fosters strong communities and promotes the health and well being of all Ontarians. With this in mind, Green Party members and supporters can rest assured that I will redouble our efforts to share the Green message with Ontarians. Far too many people have supported us with their votes, time and money for us to stop fighting to be heard.