Nicholas Wendler



Nicholas Wendler completed his MA focused on Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy (Wilfrid Laurier University) after a Bachelor of Arts in Social Development Studies (University of Waterloo). Prior to this, he has spent his life living in the Huron-Bruce town of Goderich. He loves the small town local community feel where support is never far away. Growing up, Nicholas collected wild life fact file cards on various animals from throughout the world and loves to experience nature as best he can given his physical circumstances.

Nicholas lives with a physical disability, Spina Bifida, and therefore uses a manual wheelchair for mobility purposes. He has extensive experience as a patient in Ontario’s healthcare system, having regularly traveled to London for various medical appointments. Over time, he has also grown to experience the great value of community nursing care to enable people to continue to live their lives while having treatments for things such as pressure sores. A recent amputee, he realizes that cuts should not equal cuts (in quality of services.)

He has been involved with the Green Party, both provincially and federally for several years. Mostly this has been through data entry during election campaigns and some canvassing. In 2015 he ran as a federal candidate for Kitchener-Centre. By being a person with a physical disability, as well as a member of a smaller political party, he understands the hard work involved in getting ahead.

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