Laura Campbell


About Laura

Laura Campbell is a mother of two, a small business owner, and a PhD student at the University of Toronto. While her academic work focusses on international economics, her day-to-day life is filled running the restaurant she owns with her husband, and taking her kids outside into nature.

Laura has been an environmental activist since she was a young child. She was raised in the country where her neighbours have always been farmers, observing their wisdom and also their struggles. Her political engagement began as an undergraduate student where she became involved in environmental advocacy groups because she was deeply concerned about the lack of commitment on behalf of all governments on meeting the Kyoto Protocol targets.

She currently serves on the Green Party of Ontario’s shadow cabinet as Natural Resources & Forestry critic.

Laura is running for MPP in Dufferin-Caledon. Her approach to politics is community-based, which is why she believes so strongly in the Green Party of Ontario’s message: honesty, integrity and putting PEOPLE first. Not corporations. Everyone CAN and should benefit from sustainability and green energy solutions. The people of Ontario are being left behind as many major Western countries are building a robust Green middle class in manufacturing, technology and services- while the Liberal government continues to amass a nearly beyond-measure debt load. The Progressive Conservative party wants so desperately to crack down on that debt, but using the tools of yesterday that will do nothing but damage the livelihood and pocket books of working class people, who are already struggling to get by. It’s time for a new way: the Green way. We believe in collaboration with all parties, accountability and sound policy solutions that work for everyone in Ontario: farmers, public-sector workers, students, small-business owners, seniors, and beyond.

Laura knows first hand how hard it is to support a family in 2018. She isn’t a career politician. She’s a working Mom who is tired of the corruption, waste, and carelessness of the status quo. She would like a healthy planet for her kids and grandkids. It’s time for change.

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