Anna Dolan


About Anna

Anna Dolan is passionate about environmental issues, and a fair democracy. She joined the Green Party as she feels that it is most committed to both of these causes.

Anna was born and raised in Toronto, by parents who emigrated from Poland to Canada. Anna moved to Ottawa to study architecture at Carleton University and it was there that she was first introduced to environmental concerns. She remained in Ottawa throughout her career, where she has worked in both the architectural and high tech sector. She has two daughters who are both living and working in Ottawa. Anna has vacationed in the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke area all of her life. Two years ago she and her husband have had the fortune to made this lovely region their home.

Anna is committed to preserving our beautiful district for our benefit, as well as for our children and grand children. She is excited about the prospect of giving a voice for the residents of the riding in parliament, and to ensure that all development is environmentally responsible.

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