Abhijeet Manay



Abhijeet Manay works as an Academic Executive Officer at iREAM, a Mississauga-based non-profit and also sits on it’s Board of Directors. He also works in Learning & Development at Reena, a non-profit in Thornhill, ON. He has completed his Hons. Bachelor of Science at McMaster University and his Masters in Education at the University of Toronto, and also enjoys gardening, reading & cooking during his time-off work. Abhijeet has been living in Mississauga for the past 9 years.

Abhijeet was inspired to run as MPP for Mississauga-Streetsville by his grandfather, himself a social worker & an MP, who always worked for the people with honesty & integrity. However, during his early twentys Abhijeet became disillusioned with politics when he used to volunteer and work for one of the big three parties because they’ve become a playground for dishonesty, scandal & chaos but his political apathy was cured when he came across the Green Party’s fresh, bold ideas and it’s zeal to return honesty and civility back into politics. The more Greens he’s met, the more proud he feels to call himself one because of the communitarian nature of the party to be inclusive, honest & filled with fresh, bold ideas.

One such idea is to to help local businesses grow by decreasing their payroll taxes & helping them deal better with the economic tumult under the current government. Abhijeet also wants to increase transit investment to relieve congestion in Mississauga and wants to encourage new entrepreneurs by setting up an entrepreneur start-up fund. As an educator, he believes standardized testing, especially the EQAO, is antiquated and wants to use that money to invest more in mental health education which is sorely lacking. Another source of investment would be unifying the school boards, which would save the province approximately $1.2-1.6 billion every year! Abhijeet also wants to implement a Guaranteed Basic Income in the Peel region to help single-parents, students & low-income households. 

He wants to turn Mississauga into Ontario’s green hub and set it up for massive investment from the greenest and cleanest tech firms and industries that can seed the entire province and country with sustainable technology & business practices.

Abhijeet is dedicated to a vision of an inclusive, vibrant & prosperous Mississauga, that works for the betterment of all it’s citizens!