Impacts of climate change are increasing in size and intensity every year, profoundly challenging our economy, environment, and quality of life.

There is no Planet B.


Climate scientists say we have less than two years to reverse GHG emissions before we unleash irreversible, catastrophic climate breakdown.

We are proposing action now, with solutions that will help everyone.

We will reduce Ontario’s GHG pollution by putting a price on carbon that will return all of the revenue directly to Ontarians. We will focus our efforts on reducing emissions in the three highest polluting sectors: transportation, buildings and industry.

Our plan will modernize Ontario’s energy system, supporting new technology and conservation on a massive scale. This system will be more resilient and flexible, provide additional economic opportunities to local communities, and be cheaper for residents, businesses and industries.


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate change is costing us billions. Nature’s response to our pollution is like a tax on everything.

Most scientists say we must be carbon neutral by 2050. This is far beyond the province’s current commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Current provincial plans are a start but are simply not good enough. To make matters worse, other legislation often contradicts efforts to combat climate change – like long term energy policies that don’t account for climate change goals.

We need profitable plans to solve climate change, and for GHG reduction to be a priority across all ministries. Time and money is wasted when government programs and spending plans undermine climate obligations.

Our plan starts by moving forward with a price on carbon pollution that will put money in your pocket. Money collected from a carbon fee will be distributed directly to individuals and households as a dividend cheque.

We also need to address all sources of carbon pollution in buildings, transportation, and industry, maximize nature’s carbon storing ability, and help communities adapt to our changing climate.

Let’s get going.


The Green Vision to reduce GHGs:


Develop a Clean and Affordable Electricity System

Our electricity bills keep going up - and there’s no relief in sight.

Ontario’s current electricity system is unsustainable. Yet instead of real change, the only solution offered by the status quo parties is to borrow billions of dollars – billions that we and our children will have to pay back – to maintain the crumbling system we have.

The status quo parties want to increase your electricity bill and borrow billions to rebuild outdated nuclear plants. They refuse to do an independent public review of the costs of power sources before spending billions.

Nuclear power is outdated technology. It locks us into an old, centralized system that limits opportunities for taking advantage of new low cost opportunities.

A better plan is to purchase low cost water power instead of high cost nuclear power. We can reduce demand for new power sources by helping people save energy and money. And we can tap into the clean energy technology to modernize and economize our system.

Ontario can win big by becoming a leader in the clean energy economy. We can create jobs and make our energy system work for people, not big energy.


The Green Vision for clean, affordable electricity:


Move People and Freight More Efficiently

Ontario’s transportation system doesn’t work for people or planet.

Traffic congestion in the GTA alone costs our economy $11 billion a year in lost productivity.

Transportation accounts for 35% of Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions, the largest and fastest growing share of emissions from any sector and a large contributor to air pollution.

Our Green vision is to create transportation solutions that will help move ourselves and our goods around more efficiently: improving the economy, reducing our reliance on GHG emitting fossil fuels, and giving us more time with friends, family and community.


The Green Vision for efficient transportation:


Protect the People and Places We Love

Ontario is losing greenspace and farmland at an unsustainable rate. Aggregate mining is prioritized over protecting water, natural heritage or farmland. Urban sprawl threatens the places we love.

The Green Party has a plan that balances the demands of businesses and the rights of citizens to conserve and protect the natural world around us.

Our vision for a path forward uses sensible extraction fees and royalty rates; measures the value of activities by looking at more than short-term economic benefits; and requires companies to clean up after themselves–or better yet, not make a mess in the first place.


The Green Vision to protect our planet:

Explore the rest of our Green Vision for People Powered Change in Ontario.

Our goal is to build on the work people like you are already doing in your community, working to make positive change, overcoming social barriers and improving the health of each other and our planet.

Working together, we can build a future for our province that is good for us now and for generations to come.