Our Green vision is of a modern, sustainable, prosperous economy powered by vibrant local businesses and communities.


Our vision is about making choices that generate and sustain us in a way that benefits everyone. We can take advantage of the opportunities around us to transition our economy to one that is efficient and sustainable, based on principles of fairness and resilience, with respect for people, communities and the climate.

The economy is not a stand alone system. We depend on the world around us to create the wealth, goods and services that provide us with our standard of living. We must take into consideration not only what we create, but what we leave behind.

Our Green vision for Ontario points us in the direction of a sustainable, renewable and equitable Ontario economy.


Build and Support a Strong Green Workforce

Ontario desperately needs a bold plan to create jobs for the 21st century. We need to replace the 300,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the last decade.

Ontario must embrace the clean tech and low carbon economy to create the next generation of green middle class jobs – just as so many industrialized countries, states and provinces are already doing. Already in Canada more people work in renewable energy than in the oilsands. In fact, 274,000 Canadians have cleantech jobs with an average salary of $92,000 per year.

Investing in the clean economy is essential to remain competitive and to create a vibrant green middle class.

We can kick start these industries by building on our robust system of skills development and apprenticeships, and by supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs and makers from all parts of society who will power the new green economy.

Our Green vision for Ontario points us in the direction of a sustainable, renewable and equitable Ontario economy.


The Green Vision for a strong workforce:


Unleash the Power of Local Businesses and Communities

Local businesses are an essential part of building vibrant, livable communities: the stores, shops and services that bring main streets to life; the job creators that generate prosperity; the innovators who create new products, services and solutions.

The Green Party believes that to sustain vibrant communities we must open up more opportunities for small business to thrive.

We will do this by making it easier for small business to pay a living wage and create jobs by lowering the payroll taxes they pay — regardless of whether they make a profit or not.

We will do this by supporting local food and farmers and expanding local markets for products such as the craft beer industry, which right now faces restrictions on where they can bring their products – which are in high demand – to market.

We will do this by creating an environment for small businesses and local farmers that understands their needs are different from those of big business.


The Green Vision to support local economies:


Address Economic Inequality

Income inequality is growing — the richest Canadians keep getting richer, but the rest of us stay the same or see our incomes decline while the cost of living increases. It is getting harder to make ends meet.

In today’s rapidly changing social, work and economic environment we must work even harder to level the playing field. This includes both providing economic tools and opportunities that help people thrive in their communities.

A Basic Income Guarantee will do more than alleviate poverty. It will eliminate the red tape people in poverty experience navigating a complex set of services. And it will provide basic economic security to help low income entrepreneurs start new businesses.

As we take this journey together, we owe it to each other to improve the systems we have. We recognize that the system we now have keeps people poor and encourages a revolving door for available supports. The Green Party will repair the damaged system we inherit while we work together with Ontarians on a system that works, a system that treats people with dignity.


The Green Party’s economic vision is to:


Foster Education for Life

Our vision for our education system is to make bold changes in delivery, to maximize outcomes in the classroom and deliver the best results for our kids.

Education is more than classrooms and report cards. Our education system can realize potential, promote equity, and create opportunities for students.

But the landscape is changing. Students today can expect to have four to six different careers and upwards of twenty different jobs. Working into our 70’s and beyond is becoming more and more common. Many of us will return for lifelong learning opportunities along the way.

We also must recognize that education doesn’t stop at 18 or 25. The changing nature of work will require many of us to upgrade skills or learn new ones throughout our lives. The province can help by supporting programs for continuing education.


The Green vision for education:

Explore the rest of our Green Vision for People Powered Change in Ontario.

Our goal is to build on the work people like you are already doing in your community, working to make positive change, overcoming social barriers and improving the health of each other and our planet.

Working together, we can build a future for our province that is good for us now and for generations to come.