Stop the Mega-Quarry

In 2010, the GPO led by Mike Schreiner joined a coalition of farmers, foodies, artists, First Nations and environmentalists to stop a proposed new mega quarry in Melancthon, Ontario. This quarry would have consumed 2,000 football fields to a depth deeper than Niagara Falls, threatening the headwaters of five major river systems in southern Ontario, and wells the local population relies on for their drinking water.

On the eve the 2011 provincial election, the Liberal government buckled to pressure by agreeing to subject the proposal to an Environmental Assessment. This fight for the Environmental Assessment exposed loopholes in provincial legislation that mean our food and water are not protected. 

In 2012, the proponent withdrew its application to build a limestone quarry, citing lack of community support.

The fight against the quarry was more than nimbyism, and all Ontarians are winners. People rallied to protect the fresh water and beautiful farmland of our province.

It is clear that we want government to make sure food and water come before aggregates.

To be absolutely clear: given it’s size, scale and scope, this mega quarry requires a full Environmental Assessment (EA). 

One of government’s most important roles is to protect the interests of our communities and our natural assets.  The proposed mega quarry threatens the headwaters of five major river systems in southern Ontario. The mega quarry would excavate an area several hundred feet below the water table, threatening the wells upon which the local population relies for their drinking water.

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