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Political Blind Date

February 12, 2020

Political Blind Date

Schreiner statement on rotating teacher strikes

February 10, 2020

“At this point, it is abundantly clear that the public is opposed to the PC education plan to cut the number of teachers and support staff in classrooms. The Ford government should realize by now that Ontarians will not stand for threats to the quality of education. I urge the government to drop their widely […]

Schreiner statement on Ford’s praise for Trump

February 7, 2020

“It is wrong for the Premier to take sides in the US election, especially on behalf of a misogynistic candidate who does not reflect Ontario’s values. Sadly, Premier Ford shares Trump’s irrational opposition to renewable energy and climate action. Like Trump, Ford is cutting taxes for the rich and waging war on the places we […]

Schreiner statement on links between Vaughan Working Families and PC Party

“The links that have been uncovered to the PC party add more fuel to the fire. It really appears like the people behind these ads have something to hide or else they would have come forward to identify themselves. But now that we know the director of Vaughan Working Families is a PC appointee who […]

Forest watchdogs sue Ford government for climate negligence

February 6, 2020

“Once again, this government shows contempt for laws that defend the places we love, creating an endless line of lawsuits from groups trying to hold them accountable. The Premier is unleashing a systematic attack on Ontario’s forests, tearing down environmental protections in service of a rip-and-ship agenda. Instead of protecting a region that contains 50% […]

Feds cannot sign off on Ford’s Made-to-Fail climate plan

“I agree with environmental groups and urge the federal government to reject Ford’s Made-to-Fail carbon pricing plan for big emitters. The government has trafficked in climate delay and denial, ripping up an evidence-based climate plan and replacing it with a do-nothing plan that will not even deliver on the weakest emissions targets. The federal government […]

Ford’s forestry strategy spells big trouble for caribou

February 5, 2020

“The draft forest strategy is based on a false premise that we can somehow keep deregulating and think that our forest management practices are world class. It makes no sense to double the amount of boreal forest open to industrial logging when we are facing a climate crisis and unprecedented biodiversity loss. There is no […]

By-Elections in Ottawa

By-Elections in Ottawa Meet Your Green Candidates Donate Request a Lawn Sign Ben Koczwarski for Ottawa-Vanier Ben is a new kind of Candidate for Ottawa-Vanier – someone who rallies people together to solve our urgent challenges. He believes in a smart, sustainable economy that works for everyone. But he also knows that being a good [...]

Les élections partielles d’Ottawa

Les élections partielles d'Ottawa Découvrez les candidats Verts  Où puis-je voter à Ottawa-Vanier? Ce 27 février, envoyons un message fort. Les décisions que prend le gouvernement Doug Ford nuisent aux citoyens et à la planète. Un candidat Vert Green défendra: la création d'emplois dans une économie verte et sociale des logements abordables pour tous du [...]

Schreiner statement on Vaughan Working Families

February 3, 2020

“We need to find out who’s behind these expensive ads that parrot the Ford government’s talking points. I’m very suspicious that a group with no online presence that uses stock photos from Poland actually represents the parents of Vaughan. How can a group that appears to have been created out of thin air afford full-page […]

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