Protect Nature.
Prevent Floods.

Despite province-wide opposition, the Ford government passed Schedule 6 along with its omnibus Budget Bill 229, gutting crucial environmental protections. These changes grant more power to the Minister to override scientists in favour of political decisions.

We know that it is far cheaper to protect existing wetlands than to pave over them and pay for the consequences.

It is irresponsible for the government to destroy natural wetlands - these are part of our natural infrastructure.

Conservation authorities draw the line on dangerous development in wetlands and floodplains.

By passing Schedule 6 Doug Ford doubled down on his attack on our environment. His new rules will allow more highways and reckless development where they don’t belong.

It will lead to worse flooding that will cost all of us.

Doug Ford won’t be there to pay the $43,000 bill to repair your basement.
Please ask the Premier to repeal Schedule 6 while there’s still time.

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