Teresa Pun


Dr. Teresa Pun believes that a strategy involving sound economic development and the security of the family unit is key to improving life for all Canadians. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, she completed medical school at the University of Toronto, an Internal Medicine residency at Memorial University in Newfoundland and fellowship training in Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Manitoba. She currently practices Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Richmond Hill and Toronto. Thanks to her mother, she is fluent in Cantonese and English. During her fellowship training in Manitoba, she was an MLA candidate for the Green Party of Manitoba in the riding of Point Douglas. Teresa supports the provision of equitable and fair incentives for small and medium-sized businesses. We need to support our local entrepreneurs as they are a key player in the creation of new jobs in the community. Teresa wants to see part of the current gas tax utilized as a dedicated fund for public transit. This money will be used to extend the Yonge Subway to Thornhill and Richmond Hill, increase subway service frequency during peak hours, create safe cycling paths along side streets and maintain pedestrian walkways. As the condo community continues to increase, we need to ensure that condominium developers pay into community infrastructure that goes back into the community. Creating a community with green space encourages condo dwellers to spend time in their community and frequent local businesses. Teresa also plans to eradicate poverty in Ontario. Poverty is humiliating, degrading, overwhelming and incredibly costly for taxpayers. Children born into poverty are more likely to remain in poverty. She and the Green Party of Ontario support a Guaranteed Annual Income which will be used to invest in our people and grow our economy.