12 Days of Christmas

Seed Pen


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In this day and age, a handwritten letter arriving in the mail has become a rare artform. The vast majority have opted for instant gratification through email and tweets.

Soon it will be time to exchange gifts with family and loved ones. Wouldn’t it be amazing to treat someone to a handwritten letter of thanks?

With our GPO Seed Pen, you can thank as many people as you like!

Made from biodegradable cornstarch material, this unique pen, once disposed of, will grow into a tree. Each pen is shipped with pine tree seeds inserted into the removable end cap.

Once inserted into the ground, the cornstarch will biodegrade leaving the seeds to grow into a beautiful pine tree adding value to our environment.

Our GPO Seed Pen will make a fantastic addition to your home or office! Today, with your End of Year gift of only $25 (or a monthly donation of $2.50), we’ll mail one straight to your door.