Our Priorities

We are facing big challenges right now in Ontario and around the globe – challenges that put our well-being at risk.

The Green Party of Ontario is committed to being honest about the problems we face and always acting with integrity. We will work to make decisions based on evidence, science and best practises. 

We are ready to deliver real solutions that put people first.


A thriving economy is one that supports all of us and our environment – providing a strong quality of life for every person and taking into account carbon pollution, our use of resources, our footprint and the legacy we will leave behind. What we need is political leadership to make the right choices that will embrace the growing low-carbon, innovation economy. This is the type of leadership the GPO aims to provide, pushing for solutions like:

Support for local businesses and entrepreneurs

Helping people and goods move around more efficiently

  • Support public and mass transit within and between cities 
  • Encourage complete street design that make it safe for all users: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and those with accessibility needs
  • Create a freight movement strategy that is sustainable, efficient and safe

An energy system to help our climate and lower our bills

  • Take advantage of low carbon energy solutions such as importing hydro power from Quebec and Manitoba
  • Stop wasting money on expensive, old nuclear power
  • Start a Green Building Fund that will create jobs and help people and businesses save money by saving energy

Unlocking affordable housing

  • Mandate that new developments include 1 new unit of affordable housing for every 5 new houses or condos.
  • Increase support for social and coop housing.
  • Get creative to increase supply by supporting  tiny homes, secondary suites, laneway housing and other innovative approaches to housing.


We will put people first to focus on policies that will help all Ontarians. All too often, people are left behind. Families are not able to make ends meet. Growing gaps in health care means care isn’t available when and where people need it. Under-funded education systems that leave people behind. Inequality caused by racism, sexism, classism strips away opportunities from members of our province. We can do better. The GPO is putting forward ideas that will:

Help everyone roll with the punches

  • Support a basic income guarantee that will help assist people during transitions such as between jobs, starting a family, etc.
  • Increase personal tax exemption for low income individuals
  • Reduce income inequality by making electricity and housing more affordable for people

Improve education and provide the chance for lifelong learning

  • Create a provincial child care strategy
  • Invest new dollars in classrooms to fund special education and additional support staff, library materials, classroom supplies and computers, etc.
  • Support continuing education to help fill skill gaps in communities or to assist individuals in kick starting their own small enterprises

Fix the real and growing gaps in our health care system

  • Properly fund hospitals and healthcare facilities including long term care facilities.
  • Adopt an Active Living, Active Aging strategy that includes health care components, as well as transportation, home care that will help everyone live long productive lives
  • Support a system for universal dental care coverage

Address the mental health and addiction crisis

  • Make phone and online therapy sessions available and covered by the province
  • Increase funding to address the wait times for publicly available therapy
  • Create an umbrella organization Mental Health and Addictions Ontario

Address systemic racism

  • Oppose carding, long-term solitary confinement, and police in schools
  • Support the Anti-Racism Directorate and the 3-year anti-racism strategic plan
  • Recognize the historic and current contributions that Indigenous communities have made in Ontario, and implement the recommendations from the Truth &  Reconciliation Commission including supporting curriculum on Indigenous issues in schools


Everyone in Ontario has the right to a clean and healthy environment. It’s now beyond doubt that the health of our economy and the health of our environment are interconnected.  Our goal is defend the places you love in Ontario, so that we can also have healthy people and a prosperous economy.

Address climate change 

  • Reduce climate changing pollution while putting money in your pocket with a carbon dividend
  • While cap-and-trade is in place, end the free pollution permits for the biggest polluters
  • Support community energy plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the use of fossil fuels, lower energy consumption

Defend Ontario’s natural heritage

  • Charge big business an appropriate amount for extracting our shared resources, including raising aggregates and water taking fees, and mining royalties
  • Ban logging and resource extraction from provincial parks such as our iconic Algonquin Park
  • Enforce protections for endangered species, wetlands and other protected lands

Protect farmland and support farmers

  • Permanently protect prime farmland
  • Provide farmers with financial support for the services they provide in maintaining green space and wetlands
  • Loosen restrictions and red tape that prevents innovation on family farms

Protect our water

  • Ban fracking and oppose dilbit being shipped through Ontario
  • Fix the Permit To Take Water process to prioritize community water use
  • Update rules for aggregates and quarries so that these operations don’t threaten our source water