Ontario’s $7-billion green energy investment upsets enviros

“We’d like to see the provincial government scrap this deal,” said Mike Schreiner, the Green leader, in an interview with Maclean’s.
The goal is to make Ontario “the place to be for green energy manufacturing in North America,” McGuinty explained.

That’s all well and good, says Schreiner, whose party celebrated the passing of the Green Energy Act last year. But “this deal essentially throws [Ontario companies] under the bus.” Ontario-based projects are shovel ready, he insists. “So why are we offering special deals to multinational corporations?”

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Schreiner Calls for Samsung Deal to Be Scrapped


Green Party of Ontario (GPO) leader Mike Schreiner today called on the McGuinty Liberals to scrap their backroom deal with Samsung and instead create a fair, transparent and level playing field for all green energy producers in Ontario.

In the wake of the announcement that Samsung Corp. will receive preferential treatment in the province, Schreiner has heard from Ontario-based green energy companies, power co-operatives, First Nations groups and farmers who have all spoken out against the scheme because it creates an uneven playing field and threatens investment in homegrown green energy projects.


“The single biggest complaint from Ontario’s green energy companies is that there has been a wholly inconsistent approach by the McGuinty Liberals on green energy for years. The backroom deal that gives Samsung an unfair advantage over local companies is proof the Liberals have no clue how to foster homegrown green jobs.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“I support a fair, transparent and level playing field for all green energy companies. We need a government that champions local green energy projects and the thousands of Ontario jobs that come with them, not backroom deals that slam the door on Ontario businesses.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO


• The Samsung deal allows for privileged access to the electricity grid for the company, crowding out Ontario-based green energy producers.
• Under the deal Samsung receives preferential rates, a subsidy not available to other green energy companies.
• Green business leaders have already publically expressed concerns about the uncertainty the Samsung deal creates for the green energy sector in Ontario.

Greens Call for Fair, Transparent, and Consistent Green Energy Development

The McGuinty government’s unfair backroom deal with multinational giant Samsung should be scrapped.We can create thousands of green jobs in Ontario with a fair, transparent and consistent process that provides a level playing field for all businesses, large and small.

The Liberals’ backroom deal with Samsung undermines the goal of fostering a prosperous 21st-century green economy by maintaining the 20-century branch plant mentality of special deals for multinational corporations. The Samsung deal undermines the transparent process envisioned in the Green Energy Act and throws Ontario energy producers and green manufacturers under the bus.

In talking with green business owners in Ontario, one thing is clear: there are solar and wind manufacturers ready to start building facilities in Ontario today – not in 2013 – to create green jobs and manufacture green products.

These Ontario companies do not need backroom deals. They simply want a system that is fair, transparent and predictable.

One business leader suggested they may build their new manufacturing facility outside Ontario because of the uncertainty the Samsung deal has created.

The Green Party of Ontario believes Ontario can become a leader in green energy and green jobs by administering a fair, transparent and predictable process with the feed-in tariff and by supporting our homegrown green energy sector.

The GPO’s energy plan is one that invests in Ontario. The GPO has long advocated a plan for green energy that supports Ontario entrepreneurs, co-operatives and communities, and provides the predictability needed to invest in green energy projects. Our plan supports community power projects where farmers, First Nations, co-ops, individuals, municipalities and businesses have equal access to the power grid. The GPO supports investments in smart grid technology to improve access to and efficiency of the grid.

The GPO also supports a transition fund to assist local manufacturers in converting to green products such as wind turbines and solar panels. As in Germany, such a plan should have simple, transparent and fair rules for all companies.

While I applaud the premier for saying the right words about understanding that green manufacturing and green energy will help power Ontario’s prosperity in the 21st-century, I simply don’t trust him to understand how to manage the transition to a green economy. His backroom deal with Samsung is proof of that.

The good news is that we are no longer debating whether to move forward with a green economy, but how.

It’s time for Green MPPs at Queens Park to ask the tough questions and offer sensible solutions for transitioning to a prosperous green economy.

Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner Denouncing Deal by McGuinty Liberals to Sign Unfair Energy Deal with Samsung

Green Party of Ontario Leader (GPO) Mike Schreiner is denouncing a deal by the McGuinty Liberals to sign an unfair energy deal with Samsung. The contract which gives a special price to a foreign multinational corporation flies in the face of the goals of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, designed to create community energy projects by supporting municipalities, co-operatives, First Nations and farmers.

Ontario businesses and communities are losing out as the Liberals set aside over half the transmission capacity in Southern Ontario to Samsung, allowing a single company to jump the line and undermine community power initiatives. The deal has been widely criticized by Ontario producers and by members of the McGuinty cabinet and again shows a government without any real energy plan.

“After consulting with communities on the Green Energy Act and taking thousands of megawatts of bids for green energy projects, it is shocking that the Liberals would breech the trust of Ontarians with such a deal. The Green Party has a plan to invest in renewable energy and green jobs in Ontario by putting our communities first.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“Rural Ontarians have been asking me when the Green Energy Act will support their communities. They are seeing foreign investments in their backyards without proper input, and a lack of transparency that has resulted in expensive energy deals.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

• The Green Party has been advocating for renewable energy in Ontario since the 1980s.
• The Green Party’s 2007 platform promoted a number of solutions to support green energy and green jobs in Ontario, many of which were adopted by the provincial government.
• The deal by Samsung undermines the feed-in tariff program which had been showing success.

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