Constitutional and Directive resolutions


Constitutional resolutions modify our Constitution or Bylaws.

Directive resolutions that request a particular course of action for operations of the party.

You can submit your resolution here.

Deadline for Constitutional, Bylaw or Directive submission: September 16, 2020 at 5pm EST

You are strongly encouraged to connect with the GPO President Ard Van Leeuwen president@gpo.ca and GPO Secretary Lydia West secretary@gpo.ca well before the deadline to ensure your resolution meets all necessary requirements.

Requirements for Constitutional, Bylaw or Directive Resolutions:

  1. Must be submitted seven (7) weeks prior to the General Meeting. (Article 6.5.2). For 2020, the deadline is September 16, 2020 at 5pm EST.
  2. Authored by a member of the Party in good standing (Article
  3. Sponsored by at least 15 members in good standing (Article

Review Process (Bylaw C)

(1.1.1) Motions submitted on time for consideration at a General Meeting shall be subject to review. Constitutional, Bylaw, and Directive motions shall be reviewed by the Party President and Secretary. Policy statement motions will be subject to rules set out in the Policy Development Process.

The review process shall ensure:

  1. Adherence to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Party, including the Values, and Parliamentary Authority (rules of order);
  2. Ease of understanding;
    Minimization of potential conflict with or among existing elements of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies;
  3. Reference to sound, objective, and factual evidence;
  4. General accord with the legal and parliamentary conventions of Canada and its sub-national governments, including the division of powers among federal and provincial governments in the Constitution Acts;
  5. Protection of the good name of the Party, its membership, its representatives, and its affiliated Green Party organizations.

(1.1.2) Where a motion is found not to satisfy the criteria stated in section 1.1.1., the author will be notified in writing of the request to revise the proposed resolution. The notice:

  1. Shall include the reason(s) for the request;
  2. Shall state the date by which the revision is to be received;
  3. May be transmitted electronically.

(1.1.3) Where the mover does not comply with a request under section 1.1.2, upon presentation of the motion to the plenary of the General Meeting, the motion may be ruled out of order by the Chair based on the findings of the review described in section 1.1.1.