GPO 2018 Convention: Tune in on Facebook Live


The 2018 GPO Convention is in 5 days! Are you excited?

For those of you who unfortunately cannot make it in person, catch some of our exciting events on Facebook Live:

  • Mike Schreiner, Leader Keynote: Saturday, 1.00PM
  • Peter Bevan Baker and Hannah Bell, Gala Keynote: Saturday, 8.30PM

Mike’s speech will be open to any members of the public who can attend. Location details can be found here.

We hope you can join us for both speeches, as we work towards bringing the Green wave to Ontario.

Livestream Details

Livestream: Mike Schreiner, Leader Keynote | Saturday, Feb 3, 1.00PM

Peter Bevan Baker and Hannah Bell, PEI Greens, Gala Keynote | Saturday, Feb 3, 8.30PM

Sexual harassment and violence have no place in our society


Stories from the #MeToo movement show us that the status quo fails to provide women with a safe way to share their experiences.  

We must act on this moment to transform our justice system to make space for women’s voices to be heard so that justice can be served.  

Mike Schreiner responds to the conviction in the gas plants trial


TORONTO – Mike Schreiner, GPO leader, made the following statement regarding David Livingston, Dalton McGuinty’s former Chief of Staff, being found guilty of attempting to commit mischief and unauthorized use of a computer.

“This case is an example of the way politics has been done for a long time. Pursue power at all costs. Never give the other team credit, always look to take them down.

What Mr. Livingston did was unquestionably wrong. This is about a political culture that encourages bad behaviour: a system that says ‘They are absolutely wrong and we are absolutely right.’ The Green Party of Ontario thinks differently.

Consensus, collegiality and a desire to put the people of Ontario above partisan gamesmanship will go a long way to making our politics civil. We must embody the principles of integrity and honesty instead of what we have now.

Elizabeth May’s Green example in Ottawa shows that Canadians can do politics in an open and inclusive way, instead of the toxic, take no prisoners style that sadly makes Question Period at Queen’s Park an embarrassment when students arrive on a field trip only to watch our politicians jeer and heckle.

Doing politics different is possible and urgently needed so that we put people first, instead of parties, lobbyists and special interest groups. The Green Party is leading the way by how we think and act, such as leading the effort to get big money out of politics by ending corporate and union donations to political parties.”

New Year, new brand of politics needed at Queen’s Park

QUEEN’S PARK – The 2017 fall sitting of the Ontario legislature confirms what Ontario voters already know: Ontario cannot afford another four years of majority Liberal government.


“It’s time to shake up the status quo at Queen’s Park,” said Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner. “The Liberal electricity plan—now supported by the Conservatives— to buy votes by lowering electricity rates a year before the election will cost nearly $40 billion. People cannot afford these cynical political games and the higher prices they will pay after the election.”


Ontario’s independent legislative watch-dogs – the Auditor General and the Financial Accountability Officer – both dispute the Liberals’ claims to have finally balanced the books. They say there will be years of deficits. The FAO also reports Ontario’s debt will rise $75 billion in four years to a staggering $400 billion, mainly to pay for the temporary hydro rate cut.


“The Liberals decided on the most expensive temporary electricity rate cut in history,” said Schreiner.  “Instead of cancelling plans to spend over $13 billion to squeeze more life out of old nuclear plants and triple electricity prices, the Liberals have bought an expensive band aid to get through next year’s provincial election.”


“We will pay the price for these political games,” said Schreiner. “But there is a better way. At the Green Party, we are committed to standing up for people and presenting honest solutions to our energy challenges.”


Under Liberal management, things only got more wasteful and expensive this year:


  • The Auditor General also found the government spent a record $58 million on advertising in the year ahead of the election – on self-serving ads, 30% of which she said were designed to make the government look good and that would have been rejected before the Liberals changed the rules.
  • Energy companies have gamed the system for hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • The province is not prepared for a large-scale nuclear emergency because the provincial nuclear response plan hasn’t been updated since 2009.
  • The newly-privatized Hydro One invested in a coal-fired generating station in the U.S. and wants to introduce pre-paid hydro meters.
  • There are more people on the waiting list for social housing than there are social housing units.
  • Endangered species are under threat from development with no oversight, because protections have been gutted under the Liberal watch.
  • And the Liberals decided an LCBO-run monopoly would be the only legal retailer of cannabis in Ontario, with only 40 stores initially and little hope of stopping the underground market.


“We need to transform politics in Ontario to put the needs of people, communities and local businesses before big donors and corporate insiders,” said Schreiner. “Ask yourself if the status quo is working for you? Ontario desperately needs better stewardship of our finances, environment and communities.”