Vince Fiorito



Vince Fiorito is 55 years old, married 33 years and father of two adult children. Vince grew up in Thunder Bay ON, where he acquired a post secondary education in Electronics. During Vince’s 20 year career with Transport Canada (later NavCanada) as an IBEW2228 union member, he lived in Resolute Bay NU, Mould Bay NU, Churchill MN, Kenora ON, Ottawa ON and Cornwall ON. Vince managed, taught and wrote policy on Electronic and Computer Systems related to Canada’s Air Navigation System. 29 year old Vince Fiorito was the youngest Director of Transport Canada’s National Technical Training Program. Vince taught at the NavCanada Training Institute in Cornwall ON. In 2000, Vince became a Senior IT Consultant for Hewlett Packard. In 2007, Vince started a successful small business, Fiorito Learning Solutions Inc and worked internationally as an early Cloud Computing pioneer. Since Vince retired in 2014, he has devoted himself to community volunteerism, environmental and political activism. Vince founded the Friends of Sheldon Creek stewardship group. Vince was the Green Party candidate for Burlington in the 2015 election. Vince is an amateur photographer, botanist, ecologist, arborist and restorer of natural habitat. When elected, Vince will represent Burlington first and the Green Party second.