Roma Lyon

York Centre


Roma Lyon is a Ukrainian born Canadian with a degree in International Business Management from Seneca College. She’s vocally involved in promoting equality for all, and mental illness and addictions coverage to those who need it. Roma will fight against OHIP privatization and will push for better hospital service in York Centre. As well, she’ll work to reduce traffic congestion in the rapidly growing riding.

Fighting for families, Roma approves of paternity leave and affordable childcare initiatives.

Roma believes that Guaranteed Annual Income will soon play a distinct role in our rapidly transforming automated job market. Roma supports green jobs and apprenticeship programs to retool our workforce for the economy we need.

A business person and student of economics, Roma knows how important it is to invest in the people of the future, today.

Roma is a successful entrepreneur. Her series of past business ventures include a rental company renting out virtual reality (VR) headsets,  VR computers, drones, as well as providing 360 degree film-making service with GoPro cameras.