Mark Vercouteren



Mark is a Green Party Politician who ran provincially since 2011, and federally in 2015.  A first generation Canadian who grew up in Chatham-Kent spending his teenage years helping at his parents fruit stand business.  It involved dealing with farmers in the Chatham-Kent-Leamington riding.  In 2012 he moved back to Chatham-Kent, and just bought a house in Chatham with his wife of 10 years, and elderly cat.

He is excited to be the candidate for the Green Party again, and looks forward to serving the people in the Chatham-Kent-Leamington riding.

Mark believes in a government that sees the big picture and best practices which drew him to the Green Party.  He demands solutions that look at what works instead of just zombie policies. We need plans that do not just focus on the next election but our future, and generations.  Mark continuously studies best practices for good government.

Mark has B.A.s in Physics, and Math from the University of Waterloo.  His previous jobs:  farm worker, working at his family’s fruit stand in Blenheim, retail, IT/ Technical Support, teacher. Presently a Customer Service Rep., he has 15 years experience at various call centres.  Mark ran provincially in Kitchener-Centre, 2011; Essex, 2014; and federally in Chatham-Kent-Leamington 2015.  Mark supports Blue Dot in Chatham-Kent.

Mark enjoys reading, history, podcasts, Canadian, and US politics. Also biking, gardening, baking bread from scratch, local foods, and he is Roman Catholic.