Lisa Olsen


About Lisa

Lisa has worked in human services for the past two decades – working side by side with people with disabilities, those experiencing homelessness, and children. She is also a writer whose work has appeared in the Waterloo Region Record, ParentsCanada Magazine, The Guelph Mercury, Grand Magazine, and 570 News, to name a few. She has publicly spoken out against sexual violence toward children, and is mother to an amazing 6-year-old, spouse to a kind, and very talented, musician.

Over the years, she has given many of her hours to non-profits such as Toronto Cat Rescue (Kitchener Chapter), The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region, Marillac Place home for young mothers, as well as the Out of the Cold program. Social and environmental issues have always been her passions. She believes that change occurs by lifting people up rather than dragging them down, by leading rather than telling.

Lisa grew up in Wellington County and has since returned to her roots, bringing her small family along with her. She believes in Perth Wellington, and although she is new to the area, she is proud to call it her home. In the farming communities, her vision is for Perth Wellington to become a leader in green innovation, openly and supportively adapting policies and practices that spin others around to take a second look – all while holding on to that down-to-earth feeling that the area is known for; in our towns, she wants to see small businesses bustling, keeping our neighbours employed and our close-knit communities thriving; and she wants to see each one of our residents supported by providing stable, long-term funding to our social services – that way, the agencies themselves don’t have to live paycheck-to-paycheck and can instead focus on their mandates and helping in a timely and thorough manner.

If elected, she’s excited to work tirelessly for Perth Wellington, to build upon its strengths and make it the best it can be.

Lisa has recently joined the Green Party, although she’s been a supporter for years. She is running for Parliament for the Green Party of Ontario because she believes in the party’s vision, and she believes the party – which is publicly funded – deserves to be heard.

She is running because she believes that Perth Wellington deserves the best – the best innovation, the best support, the best care – and that the Green Party of Ontario is just the party to deliver that.


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