Kirsten Snider


About Kirsten

Kirsten Snider is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Public Policy and has spent the last few years developing Arabic language skills. Calling Toronto’s west-end home for 10+ years, she knows first hand the importance of affordable housing and ensuring people are not priced out of the neighbourhoods they call home. Kirsten has watched Davenport’s small business community flourish and promises to support this vital part of the local economy. Specifically, Kirsten will fight to make it easier for Davenport’s small-scale breweries, distilleries and dispensaries to operate locally and sell their products. As a cyclist she knows how important it is to create safe streets for all and supports better bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Kirsten plays hockey at Toronto’s Moss Park Arena and advocates the harm reduction site posted there. She knows that creating safe communities means supporting our most vulnerable and believes the Green Party of Ontario’s comprehensive health platform along with an income guarantee will create a healthier Ontario.

Campaign Office

523 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

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