Kirsten Bennett

Humber River—Black Creek


Kirsten Bennett is a small town Ontarian with the same worries and concerns as everyone else. How to keep food on the table, put a roof over your head and keep the bills paid. Kirsten graduated from Notre Dame College School and attended Niagara University for Theatre and Dramatic Arts. A graduate of Brock University with a degree in History and English literature, Kirsten is also a vocal soloist, pianist, organist and an equestrian. Kirsten believes in a sustainability, green energy and jobs, and preserving our provinces biodiversity.

You deserve an honest government that will provide permanent job solutions. Accessible local healthcare, sustainable communities that put people’s interests before corporations.  You deserve representation that will provide power to the people, putting them first and foremost. One that will fight for you and your future. Creating a strong voice.

One that will make Ontario better, one that will earn your vote.  Ensure available local food and local economics. One that will engage, mobilize and empower the people.  Build a better government.

There are sustainable resources for all without resorting to the destruction of the planet.  Fortunately, we live in a time with the technology and intelligence to improve and maintain a safe, comfortable healthy environment. By implementing these new technologies and reinventing some of the old with local involvement and co-operation we can accomplish what the present status quo say is impossible.