Karen Fraser

Niagara Falls

About Karen

Karen is a long time Niagara Falls resident. Proud mother of 5 and grandmother to 5, Karen has been an active member of the community for years. Fraser has held posts with organizations such as the Unemployment Insurance Commission (now Ontario Works), H&R Block, was Chair of the Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Committee for 10 of her 18 member years, and has spearheaded many events promoting local talent which includes leading the Committee to established the Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame. Fraser was the Host and Coordinator of MoMondays Niagara, a monthly event promoting motivational speaking by citizens from all walks of life.

Political Engagement History

Fraser has been a member of both the federal and provincial Green party since 2005, serving as Campaign Manager to former Green Party Candidates: Kay Green, Shawn Willick, Steven Soos, and Melanie Mullen (who in 2007 defeated the NDP in the provincial general election). Fraser is also a Former Green Party of Ontario Candidate for Milton (2010) and St. Catharines (2014).

Candidate Values

If elected as MPP for Niagara Falls, Fraser plans to focus on:

  •  Affordable, Fair, Accessible Housing
  • Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development
  • Healthcare Access
  • Full Time Permanent Job Creation


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