Joe Dias

Niagara Centre


Raised in Stratford, my parents immigrated to the small south western Ontario city when I was still a baby to provide me with a better life, and a love of Canada that I take with me everywhere I go.
Growing up in a Stratford had an enriched me, as I benefited from how the three driving industries (Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Theater/Tourism) shaped how I developed as an individual.
Because of my career, I was able to travel and work around the world.  As a result got to see and experience different healthcare systems, how cities work and move people, how governments deal with citizens, and how people around the world see themselves in their environment.
Coming back to Canada, to the Niagara Region, I am still very proud of my country, but I see my parents struggling in retirement, my brother trying to stretch money for house and the kids,   and concerns about the economy, jobs, climate change and how political parties have forgotten the people.
We need to talk, and politicians aren’t listening.  The Greens, to me are the party that are willing to talk and want to listen. Because ultimately, the Green party want Ontarians to do much better.