Emily DeSousa



Emily De Sousa is an Environmental Governance student, entrepreneur, and passionate scuba diver who believes that Canada has the potential to be a climate leader. In order to do so though, Emily believes that we need change within our government and that’s why she has decided to run for the Green Party in the 2018 election.

Emily first got involved with the Green Party early in 2018 when she was asked to speak at an event regarding local water issues. Emily is a well known water advocate within her community. She sits on the board of Wellington Water Watchers, a water protection group based out of Guelph dedicated to educating citizens about water privatization and fighting to phase out bottling permits. She also the Campaign Coordinator of a campaign at the University of Guelph called “Tap In” aimed at ending the sale of bottled water on campus. Additionally, Emily founded her own online blog where she continues to use her voice to defend water rights and advocate for marine conservation issues. She was also invited to give a TED talk earlier this year about plastic pollution in the oceans.

Since speaking at the event, Emily has been working with the local campaign office in Guelph as a special events coordinator.

Emily was inspired to run in the election by all the hard working volunteers and supporters she works with everyday who are so hungry for change. She believes that she can help to deliver that change to Canada.

Of course, Emily is incredibly passionate about water and environmental issues, but is also inspired by the forward-thinking educational policies of the Green Party and hopes to bring change to our education systems to restore equality into the system.