Mike Schreiner clarifies comments about cooperation

Mike Schreiner issued the following statement today:

“In an interview yesterday on Newstalk 1010 with Mark Towhey, my comments regarding cooperation across political lines were misinterpreted.

I want to clarify that I will not be part of any arrangement that compromises the GPO’s independence in the legislature.

The people of Guelph elected a Green MPP, and I will serve as a Green MPP. We will not be “joining forces” with the Liberals or any other party. Cooperation does not equal “joining forces” or changes to party status.

In my pledge to do politics differently, I have talked about being open to cooperation with any party in the Legislature to make life better for our province.

I believe hyper-partisanship is one reason so many people are disillusioned by politics as usual. I want to work hard to change that. As a Green MPP, I want to work across party lines, represent people first and hold the government to account.

I am open to cooperation with any party in the house if it aligns with our priorities and helps us move our goals forward. This is part of my commitment to doing politics differently. I am reaching out to the PC, NDP and Liberal leaders this week to explore ways to work together.”

On Twitter yesterday, Mike Schreiner clarified the confusion about what cooperation would mean for the Green Party.