​Keep your promise to fix our broken voting system

GPO Leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to Prime Minister Trudeau breaking his promise on electoral reform:

I am disheartened that the Prime Minister betrayed his explicit promise to make 2015 the last federal election under First-Past-The-Post. 

Honesty and integrity are so important in politics, and yet political self-interest seems to rule the day for those with power. 

The Prime Minister’s decision is a slap in the face of democracy and of Canadians who expect politicians to keep their promises. This decision will only erode trust in government and in politicians.

The Green Party remains committed to proportional representation as a fairer voting system, where every vote counts. PR encourages democratic participation and ensures results accurately reflect the will of the people.

Our democratic institutions must work for the people, not politicians. This is why the Green Party led the charge last year  to get big money out of Ontario politics. It is why Greens will continue to work tirelessly for a fair voting system.

Politicians must be held accountable for the commitments they make to citizens. I strongly urge the Prime Minister to keep his promise to fix Canada’s broken electoral system.