​Scarborough voters can vote Green to shake things up at Queen’s Park

Priyan De Silva and Mike Schreiner(Scarborough–Rouge River): The end of summer flip-flop season means a new season of flip-flopping at Queen’s Park. Fortunately, voters in Scarborough-Rouge River have a local choice in Green Party of Ontario candidate Priyan De Silva. 
“Just this week, the Liberals and the PCs have shown us how out of touch with communities they are,” says De Silva. “The PCs first say one thing then another about Ontario’s sex ed curriculum. And it’s hard to figure out if the Liberals are really committed to ending cash for access at Queen’s Park, or playing political games.”
Voters tired of the games at Queen’s Park have an opportunity to mobilize, send a message and have a voice. The Green Party is on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and good 21st century public policy to Queen’s Park. 
“Priyan de Silva is the only candidate who is being honest with the people of Scarborough-Rouge River about issues like transit – where it’s going and how we’re paying for it,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. 
“We will shake things up at Queen’s Park. A vote for me and the Green Party supports access to healthy local food through gardens and local farms, reducing the impact of poverty with basic annual income, and energy for the 21st century starting by decommissioning Pickering nuclear on schedule,” says De Silva.