You can help stop the rebuild of Bruce Nuclear

Dear supporters,  
Your efforts to speak out on important issues are making a big difference. 
Now is an important time for you to speak out for a clean energy future for Ontario. You have until Monday, March 16 to register your opposition to rebuilding the Bruce Nuclear Station. 
I was contacted by an NGO leader this week asking me to mobilize GPO supporters. He said that we had made such a difference in raising public awareness about the risks and costs of 
rebuilding the Darlington Nuclear Station that he was hoping we could speak out on Bruce. 
In its current state, Bruce Nuclear’s application presents an unreasonable risk to the people of Ontario. They are requesting an unprecedented 5-year licence renewal for all 8 reactors without a proper public safety review. 
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is making it harder for citizens to speak out, and it’s more important than ever to participate.
Here is a link to the form you need to fill out. You can also use this form to apply to make an oral submission in person at the hearings in April. We have instructions on how to complete the form here.
You can use my submission (found here) as a sample for your own. 
If we waste billions on rebuilding nuclear stations, your electricity bills will go up even more and there won’t be money left to support green energy projects or energy efficiency and conservation programs. 
Thanks for taking the time to make a difference. 
All the best,
PS: Have you signed our petition calling on the Liberals to end backroom deals for Bruce Nuclear?