Spend Next Tuesday September 27 Rallying with Mike Schreiner!

Join Mike Schreiner, candidates and hundreds of supporters at a debate night rally next Tuesday!

What:    Raise Green Voices: Rally with Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner

When:   Tuesday, September 27
Time:    6:30 pm
Where: Downtown Toronto, exact location to be announced
RSVP here (not required, but appreciated so we know how many to expect.)
Join us next week to promote responsible solutions to the major challenges facing us today. We know we need Green MPPs at Queen’s Park that have the courage and commitment to look beyond the four year election cycle, and promote real change.  Together, we can deliver this message to Ontario.
We know that it’s a false choice to pit the environment against the economy.  Yet the old parties continue to play one against the other in a never ending shell game.
We know that a true Green energy plan starts with energy conservation and efficiency.  Yet the old parties all promise to reward the highest energy users with subsidies. They continue to borrow money to pay polluters!
We know that the sustainability of our health care system requires clean air, water and access to healthy, local food. Yet the other parties have all had the chance to govern and all that’s happened is we have less quality of care despite spiraling costs.
The televised Leader’s debate is next Tuesday.
Unfortunately, the old parties are too afraid to let Mike speak. They know the Green Party provides an option for real change. Just look at our platform and see that we have comprehensive plans and not just sound bites, with fresh ideas that focus on making Ontario successful today, tomorrow and for years to come.
There are some truths that you and I know, that need to be said. Together, we can deliver this message to Ontario. Together we can get the message out. 
I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.
Becky Smit
Provincial Campaign Manager
Green Party of Ontario