Open Letter to the people of Simcoe-North

Dear Neighbour:
What happened to democracy and citizen engagement?
This snap by-election was called simply to replace a sitting MPP with someone imported from another riding. 
I’m tired of the political games, empty slogans and slippery answers that are so common from our politicians these days. I know I’m not alone.
People like you tell me that our political system is not working for them.
The only way to change the game is to get out and vote. By voting Green on September 3, you can send a message that brings real change to Queen’s Park. 
Voting Green forces the status quo parties to take the issues you care about seriously. 
I’ve taken a clear and honest stand on protecting our farmland and water resources. I was the only candidate in this by-election to sign the Food and Water First pledge, pledging to protect prime farmland and source water in Ontario. 
I’ve called on the other parties to be honest about funding transportation. The NDP and Conservatives have rejected every source of transportation funding that the Liberals have put forward. Now, the Liberals are pressured into liquidating an important public asset in Hydro One. If they would work together instead of playing political games, we could find a way to pay for the transportation infrastructure we need without selling off our Hydro system.
I’ve challenged the opposition leader and the other parties to be honest with you about where they stand on these issues. 
Their silence or deflective answers say a lot.
Green Party policies are sometimes ahead of their time. You may not yet agree with all our policies, but I hope you respect the Green Party’s honesty, our integrity and our effort to put good public policy before our own political self-interest. It’s your future that really matters to us.
The pundits say that Simcoe-North is a safe Conservative seat. 
I think that’s for you to decide.
Vote Green on September 3. 
Thank you,
Valerie Powell