Local Food Week

GPO leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement for Local Food Week:

Local Food Week is celebrated from June 6-10 across Ontario. It signals the arrival of more local fruits and vegetables in our province. It is a reminder for people to look for Ontario food in stores, farmers markets and roadside stands. 

How to fix the elections finances bill

Presentation to Standing Committee on General Government On BIll 201: An Act to amend the Election Finances Act and the Taxation Act, 2007. Mike Schreiner, GPO leader. How can you help? Send a message to Premier Wynne. Please check against delivery. Introduction; What the GPO likes about Bill 201, with some minor revisions, It eliminates corporate and union donations, A more democratic way to fund political parties: per-vote funding, It restricts third-party advertising during writ and pre-writ periods, Establishes donation limits for nomination contestants and leadership races, Eliminates general and by-election contribution periods to a party; Significant revisions the GPO would like to see in Bill 201 Lower contribution limits and eliminate loopholes, Lower contribution limits and eliminate loopholes, Lower spending limits for political parties, Eliminate the partial reimbursement of campaign expenses, Improve disclosure and oversight rules; Conclusion. 

Canadian Environment Week

We are lucky to live in a beautiful province and country with diverse natural heritage. We have access to clean water and rich farmland.  Canadian Environment Week is a reminder of how important it is to protect and enjoy our home for present and future generations.