Backward Budget Not Good Enough

Last week’s provincial budget looks backwards, not forward, toward the type of Ontario we all know is possible.With a province begging for a fresh plan forward, our government should be looking to establish a way forward that turns our challenges into opportunities to build a better, more sustainable province for ourselves, our children and future generations.

Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal budget is out of touch in five critical areas.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to Shane Jolley

I want to thank Shane Jolley for his efforts as the Green Party of Ontario’s Deputy Leader over the past two years. Shane has played an important role in effectively developing and communicating the Green message, in building a functioning party organization and in training candidates.
Shane’s contributions to the leadership team will be missed, but I wholeheartedly support his decision to focus his priorities on local advocacy to develop strong local economies and vibrant communities.

Set the Record Straight

I would like to make it clear that the Green Party of Ontario supports the feed-in tariff program for the development of green energy projects such as wind generation. Greens are pleased that the government has finally moved in the direction of supporting one aspect of our long standing policy on green energy.

Yesterday's Throne Speech. Yesterday's Approach.

Yesterday’s Provincial Throne Speech was filled with supposedly new ideas for the future of Ontario, but leaves Ontarians with many unanswered questions.If Premier McGuinty wants Ontario to be open in the future, who does he want it to be open to? Will he continue the pattern of only being open to multinational corporations at the expense of Ontario’s small businesses, to high-priced consultants under sole sourced contracts and to closed door tax deals with Jim Flaherty that don’t work for Ontario?

Let Greens Speak

I believe the Green Party of Ontario makes an important contribution to political debate in Ontario. In the 2007 Ontario general election, over 350,000 Ontarians agreed by voting Green. The GPO has momentum with strong showings in by-elections last week.

Yet the political will of so many Ontarians is being stifled. The Green Party learned late last week that we will be denied access to the media scrum area of Queen’s Park. There will also be no space for the GPO leader during the Throne Speech later today.