Peaker plant fight gains supporter

Green Party leader joins local farmers opposing location By Teresa Latchford

Holland Marsh farmers are hoping others will stand with them to fight the construction of the King peaker plant.
The construction of Pristine Power Inc.'s York Energy Centre, a 393-megawatt natural gas-fired peaker plant designed to relieve the demand from local power grids in peak periods, won't only affect local farmers, but will be a problem for every Ontarian, local farmer and Holland Marsh Growers Association member Avia Eek said.

"We feed Ontario, so it will affect every person," she said, adding crops are also exported outside the province.

Farmers and other plant opponents were joined by provincial Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner behind Holland Marsh District Christian School Friday as they used the peaker plant's future site as the backdrop for the launch of a new provincewide campaign encouraging others to oppose building the plant on some of Ontario's most bountiful farm land.

"We're not saying we don't need (the facility)," local farmer Doug Van Luyk said. "We're saying it's in the wrong place."

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